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Patina restaurants continue to reopen for springtime dining in California, New York, Florida

Patina restaurants continue to reopen for springtime dining in California, New York, Florida

Delaware North’s Patina Restaurant Group continues to reopen many of its locations throughout the U.S. – including restaurants in Anaheim, Calif., New York City and at Disney Springs in Orlando, Fla. – just in time for springtime dining.
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Leatherby's Cafe Rouge Reopens After Remodel Update
O.C. Register

Leatherby's Cafe Rouge Reopens After Remodel Update

Segerstrom dining gets revamp
Theater venue Leatherby’s Cafe Rouge reopened last week after a remodel updated the restaurant’s decor and menu.

The fine dining venue closed before the new year for a top-to-bottom makeover that included scrapping its haute American cuisine in favor of prime dry-aged steaks with traditional steakhouse sides such as macaroni and cheese, au gratin scalloped potatoes and a wedge salad.

The entree menu also includes brick chicken made with Mary’s Chicken, crispy skin duck breast, bone-in porterhouse pork chop, salmon with an agave lime glaze, scallops and tuna.

The layout of the restaurant remains the same, but the decor is vastly different.

White tablecloths are gone, replaced by elegant frosted acrylic tabletops by KrystalCast. Seating includes dark gray banquettes upholstered in felted wool. The restaurant, located inside the Renee and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall, is open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday from 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and Sunday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. only during performances.
Cafe Pinot One Of LA's Most Romantic Restaurants
TimeOut (Los Angeles)

Cafe Pinot One Of LA's Most Romantic Restaurants

Cafe Pinot
Transport yourself to another place and time at this Downtown bistro where it's all about the outdoor patio. Settle under olive trees decked in twinkling lights and a towering skyline overhead, with the Art Deco Central Library as your up-close-and-personal view. When it comes to the menu, expect an extensive wine list, eclectic flavors and elegantly-composed plates from this Patina-owned restaurant. Those seeking romance can pine over an artful board of house-made charcuterie, pickles and grilled bread; French onion soup; and rotisserie chicken with barley, apricot and dandelion. Finish with warm apple tart tatin and Calvados for la vie en rose.
LACMA's Executive Chef Celebrates National Spaghetti Day
LA Weekly

LACMA's Executive Chef Celebrates National Spaghetti Day

While many go to LACMA for artistic inspiration, the museum’s executive chef, Fernando Darin, heads to his kitchen to celebrate National Spaghetti Day on Jan. 4 by creating a work of art out of pasta.

"Spaghetti is probably one of the most comforting foods ever. You put a plate of pasta on the table and there will be smiles guaranteed,” enthuses Darin, who recently was promoted and now oversees LACMA’s Ray & Stark Bar, C+M Coffee + Milk and LACMA Cafe.

Darin, who is Brazilian and Italian, has had a love affair with spaghetti since he was a kid.

“A friend of my family would make spaghetti on Sunday evenings and, man, that was something to look for every week. She was probably my first culinary influence at a young age, when I first started understanding flavor combinations.

“She had this memorable spaghetti recipe with chicken and peas that was so simple, but she would make it with so much grace," he adds. "Everyone would stare at the table, waiting for it!”

The veteran chef has felt a personal connection with one of his favorite dishes, spaghetti alla chitarra. Known as “guitar spaghetti,” the pasta is pressed into long strands using a stringed chitarra cutter.

“I have always been interested in music. I am the only child, I was very introspective," Darin says. "The guitar was my best friend when I was growing up. So when I first heard about the chitarra, which actually makes sounds as you ‘play’ the strings, it blew my mind.

“I thought it was so cool; it’s such a rustic, old-school instrument. To make pasta by hand that has been used by Italians forever — it was love at first sight. I have been using it ever since.”

Music is everything to Darin, who played in garage bands and attended punk rock shows since he was a teenager. “I have ADD (attention deficit disorder) and playing guitar really helped me focus. Music always felt close and very strong within me, I liked the adrenaline of performing onstage.”

Darin feels that same rush when he is running his busy kitchen.

“It’s like I am conducting an orchestra, making sure all the food comes out on time and everyone is working beautifully together.

”In addition to his love of spaghetti, Darin is a humble pizzaiolo, i.e. a pizza craftsman, who has been wowing LACMA crowds since Patina first brought him on board. “While the museum always inspires me each day, I consider pizza to be a work of art, one that I will ongoingly study for the rest of my life.”

Though it’s not on the menu, in honor of National Spaghetti Day, chef Darin will make spaghetti alla chitarra for anyone who visits Ray & Stark Bar on Thursday, Jan. 4.
The Boardroom Offers One Of Top Downtown Drink Experts
Los Angeles Downtown News

The Boardroom Offers One Of Top Downtown Drink Experts

Christina Russo
Bar: The BoardRoom
ROLE: Lead Bartender

How She Got There: Russo started bartending while in college in San Francisco. She was studying to be a physical therapist and was working at a Starbucks when she found a job in a restaurant across the street. When she turned 21, she got her first bartending post.

“I got really into the fast-paced action of it,” she said. “There was always something new and exciting happening.”

She moved to Los Angeles in 2013 and bartended at The Garland in North Hollywood and other spaces before joining Salazar in Elysian Valley last year. She now helms the bar program at The BoardRoom, the sophisticated new bar in Kendall’s Brasserie at the Music Center. She helped create the drinks menu, and has tweaked it since The BoardRoom opened in March.

Defining Drink: Most of The Boardroom’s drinks are named for authors and artists, with cocktails such as the Frida Kahlo and the Gertrude Stein. If there’s a signature drink at the bar, it’s the William Faulkner. It’s an Old Fashioned-style cocktail, with a coconut wash on the bourbon that adds a subtle twist, Russo said.

She adds in Miracle Mile toasted pecan bitters and demerara sugar (a type of cane sugar similar to brown sugar). The drink is stirred and gets a single large ice cube. It’s finished off with an orange peel.

“It’s just a really tasty drink,” Russo said. “There’s a little kick of the tropical in it, and the toasted pecan is great.”

The BoardRoom is at 135 N. Grand Ave., (213) 972-8556 or patinagroup.com/the-boardroom.
Top 10 Must See Attractions Includes Dinner At Patina
Forbes’ Travel Guide

Top 10 Must See Attractions Includes Dinner At Patina

Visit The Walt Disney Concert Hall
Classical culture can be found in spades at Los Angeles’ one-of-a-kind concert venue. From the outside, marvel at the building’s otherworldly design by legendary architect Frank Gehry. Inside, you can listen to exquisite performances by the L.A. Philharmonic and L.A. Master Chorale throughout the year.

Next door to The Walt Disney Concert Hall is The Broad, the city’s newest modern art museum with free admission. Peruse the gallery’s immense collection before having an early dinner at Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Patina (located within the music venue) and ending your evening with a classical concert — it’s the ideal day for art lovers.
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